Yogi Practice Yoga Pants For Men – White




These yoga pants are perfectly comfortable, an ideal quality for a yoga class. The hand mudra on one side and yogi that is hand-painted on the other accentuates the fine detail, giving a genuine yogi feel! Being a bestseller, these yoga pants are great choices since they can be worn with a lot of items. Our selection of yoga tops has a lot of matching tops for you to try.

Its belt has a delightful maroon color at the back, giving a shape to the waist. Then the knee areas comprise a supportive fold while the maroon trim gives a sporty look. A drawstring is attached to the belt for adjustment while the gentle elastic provides comfort at the waist. These trousers stretch are specially made for yoga practice and it owes its fabric quality to lycra and cotton.

This type of cloth has a nice fitting and yogi feel, definitely a yoga wardrobe material. Another feature of our yoga clothes is washing machine-friendly. On top of it, they are also long-lasting, whether for men and women.

Pair it with yoga vests and tops for men.

Product Features:

  • Cotton (to provide gentleness)
  • Has drawstring and pockets
  • Hand-painted mudra graphic with Yogi motif
  •  Supportive and stretchable


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