Yoga at Home – a guide to cultivating a home yoga practise, 5 top tips!

For me it wasn’t until I managed to establish a daily (or mostly daily) yoga practise that I saw a real change in my body, my abilities and my mind. In fact as soon as I got into the habit of doing even just 10 minutes of yoga a day I found not only a […]

Beyond the Spine – Yoga and Back Pain

If you have back pain, or indeed any other musculoskeletal pain, the first port of call is likely to be a visit to the doctor to try and establish where the problem lies and to discuss the treatment options. If you’re lucky, you might be referred to a good physiotherapist, or an x-ray or MRI […]

Yoga and Sports Performance

  With the London Olympics currently in full swing, it seems a good time to discuss the many benefits of yoga available for athletes. The Olympics stage such a wonderful array of sports and it was fantastic to see so many different athletes all celebrating together at the Opening Ceremony: from boxers to badminton players, […]

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