Which Style Best Meets Your Needs?

The huge range in different types of yoga available means there is certainly a style that will suit you, no matter what your requirements! If you want to relax, you’re covered. If you want to stretch out tired muscles, you’re covered again. And if you want to connect with your inner self, you’re certainly catered […]

Be Kind to Your Ego because it is Your Friend

We often wish each other prosperity at special occasions that mark new beginnings such weddings or when moving home. But what sort of prosperity are we referring to? We may want someone to succeed in their endeavours, but what are those endeavours and what is it that drives people to achieve them? Most of us […]

Yoga and Sports Performance

  With the London Olympics currently in full swing, it seems a good time to discuss the many benefits of yoga available for athletes. The Olympics stage such a wonderful array of sports and it was fantastic to see so many different athletes all celebrating together at the Opening Ceremony: from boxers to badminton players, […]

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