Top 10 Tips to a great night’s sleep

We all know we need a good night’s sleep to perform optimally at work, in sports and in our relationships. Preferably 8 hours a night. Why? Sleep is the body’s time to repair it’s internal organs and tissues. Make new skin cells and allow our brain time to process and make sense of the days […]

Lessons Learnt on the Journey to ‘Wind Down Town’

Here comes the weekend!! I have begun to start each Saturday with my pregnancy yoga class – going to one that is, not teaching for a change! For the past two weeks I have woken up leisurely with no alarm, had a cup of tea in bed and then bumbled off to yoga. Its been […]

What Happens When You Mix it up?

The summer has flown by, and as we head into the season of falling leaves and colors on the mountains, it’s time to anticipate the other changes that come with Fall. After a summer of yoga in the park and on (or off) the paddleboard, I’m having a hard time letting go of the great […]

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