Lessons Learnt on the Journey to ‘Wind Down Town’

Here comes the weekend!! I have begun to start each Saturday with my pregnancy yoga class – going to one that is, not teaching for a change! For the past two weeks I have woken up leisurely with no alarm, had a cup of tea in bed and then bumbled off to yoga. Its been […]

10 Reasons Why You Should do Postnatal Yoga

As a yoga teacher and a new mummy I knew that the instant my baby was born that I wanted to do postnatal yoga with my little one. I benefitted so much from pregnancy yoga and was so keen to keep it all going and share the wonderful benefits of yoga with my baby. So, what are the benefits of postnatal […]

The key benefits of pregnancy yoga

During your pregnancy, your body undergoes significant changes that prepare you for your baby’s development and childbirth. If you’re keen to help the process along, you might want to consider the benefits of pregnancy yoga. You’ll prepare your pelvic floor for birth and beyond Throughout your pregnancy, your pelvic floor supports an increased load. In […]

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