Which Style Best Meets Your Needs?

The huge range in different types of yoga available means there is certainly a style that will suit you, no matter what your requirements! If you want to relax, you’re covered. If you want to stretch out tired muscles, you’re covered again. And if you want to connect with your inner self, you’re certainly catered […]

A Mindful Way to Wellbeing

A Mindful Way to Wellbeing with yoga and Mindfulness Take an active role in your health and happiness with Lisa Milnor of Shaping Clarity Do you sometimes feel that your life is a whirlwind, a never ending treadmill with little or no time for yourself? Do you ever find yourself lost in an inner world […]

What Happens When You Mix it up?

The summer has flown by, and as we head into the season of falling leaves and colors on the mountains, it’s time to anticipate the other changes that come with Fall. After a summer of yoga in the park and on (or off) the paddleboard, I’m having a hard time letting go of the great […]

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