Beyond the Spine – Yoga and Back Pain

If you have back pain, or indeed any other musculoskeletal pain, the first port of call is likely to be a visit to the doctor to try and establish where the problem lies and to discuss the treatment options. If you’re lucky, you might be referred to a good physiotherapist, or an x-ray or MRI […]

Yoga and The Universal Sound: Aum

Aum: the sound of the universe Music, sound and chanting are embedded into the art of learning the ancient sacred yoga texts, and for me as both Iyengar Yoga teacher and professional singer/composer the connection is profound. Sound is vibration and the source of all creation I first discovered the the importance of vibration through […]

Lessons Learnt on the Journey to ‘Wind Down Town’

Here comes the weekend!! I have begun to start each Saturday with my pregnancy yoga class – going to one that is, not teaching for a change! For the past two weeks I have woken up leisurely with no alarm, had a cup of tea in bed and then bumbled off to yoga. Its been […]

10 Reasons Why You Should do Postnatal Yoga

As a yoga teacher and a new mummy I knew that the instant my baby was born that I wanted to do postnatal yoga with my little one. I benefitted so much from pregnancy yoga and was so keen to keep it all going and share the wonderful benefits of yoga with my baby. So, what are the benefits of postnatal […]

Which Style Best Meets Your Needs?

The huge range in different types of yoga available means there is certainly a style that will suit you, no matter what your requirements! If you want to relax, you’re covered. If you want to stretch out tired muscles, you’re covered again. And if you want to connect with your inner self, you’re certainly catered […]

The Ujayii Breath

What is the ujjayi breath? The ujjayi breath (ooh-JAH-yee) is translated as the victorious breath. It allows us to breathe in a controlled manner. It is a deep sonorous sound that increases the movement of the diaphragm and lengthens the spine. The soft consistent sound aids the consistent flow of the breath and helps to […]

The Importance of balance in an Ayurvedic ‘foodstyle’.

I dislike the word diet; in fact I’d go as far to say I loathe it. In today’s society it is used to cover far too many bases in our everyday eating habits and then there’s the dreaded use where people go ‘on a diet’. This is why I’ve invented my own word ‘foodstyle’ combining […]

A Mindful Way to Wellbeing

A Mindful Way to Wellbeing with yoga and Mindfulness Take an active role in your health and happiness with Lisa Milnor of Shaping Clarity Do you sometimes feel that your life is a whirlwind, a never ending treadmill with little or no time for yourself? Do you ever find yourself lost in an inner world […]


Since I completed my yoga teacher training in May 2012 in Peru I have done a daily pranayama practice. Pranayama is the ancient art of breathing techniques. Pranayama is a Sanskrit word meaning “extension of the prāṇ or breath” or, “extension of the life force”. The word is composed of two Sanskrit words, Prana, life […]

Ten Top Tips For Better Breathing

If you are a yogi or a yogini, you´ll understand that your breath and posture practise go hand in hand. The breath can help bring your practise and your postures to life, making them airy, light and buoyant. Conversely, if you´re struggling in a posture, this will also be reflected in the quality of your […]

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