The Birth and Benefits of Yoga

Yoga was first introduced to society over 5,000 years ago when people realised that health and lifestyle was important to living healthier and prolonging life. The desire for being in control of the body and mind was indeed how the first mental and physical exercises for the human body was discovered, resulting in the birth of yoga. Contrary to popular belief yoga is not a religion, it has no fixed beliefs or creed, and it does not derive from Hinduism in fact it pre-dates Hinduism by many centuries. The word yoga comes from the definition of joining the mind and body together.

Many of us still have the same desires today, but the difference is we are constantly brain washed through a barrage of TV advertisements and health programmes, magazines, tabloid papers, bill boards etc…All stating that they know what is best for us regarding our health and appearance.

We are a nation that has become obsessed with our appearance, and this has created a multi billion pound industry selling numerous diets, exercise machines, equipment, clothing; and of course not forgetting the vast ‘beauty’ industry with promises and guarantees that they can make you beautiful, as well as turning back the clock. Sadly, many of us are fooled by these industries and have spent a great deal of money looking for perfection, and to be fair there are many that have achieved ‘surface perfection’, at great expense, but are they happy on the inside?

‘If you are beautiful on the inside you will be beautiful on the outside’ this is a well known cliché, but never a truer one said and just by practising yoga this can be achieved. The bad news is, it won’t happen over night; the good news is, it won’t cost you a fortune.

In our ‘economic downturn’ or ‘double-dip depression’, money has become a problem for many people and budgeting and cutting down are all too familiar words we hear everyday. The consequences of these financial pressures can often affect our mental state of mind. This is where yoga can help!  To practise yoga all you need is time and patience.

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