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Balance Your Life

  • Grove Road, Burnham, Burnham, Buckinghamshire SL1 8DP.

About Balance Your Life

Wellness Retreats

These retreats are designed for those wanting to connect with the pure essence of yoga.

Suitable for beginners and anyone looking to learn a short sequence that can be repeated at home as your daily practice.

Includes chanting, a breathing exercise, gentle and simple asanas (physical movements) and the all-important savasana!

This yoga instruction will leave you feeling relaxed, balanced and at peace.

Luxury retreats now available at the Laura Ashley Burnham Beeches Hotel

Escape to the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside and immerse your senses in a two day Wellness Retreat that will leave you feeling renewed, energised and truly balanced in mind, body and soul.

* Practice Holistic Yoga with a focus on harmonising the mind, gently stretching the body, and completely relaxing in a tranquil space

* Learn how to design personal daily rituals for morning and evening. These help you get the most out of every day, and sleep soundly each night

* Experience and learn an effective meditation technique that when practiced every day, will reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mood, and boost your immune system

* Complemented with Revitalising Refreshments, nourishing healthy meals, and quiet time for you to relax and reflect; a Balance Your Life Wellness Retreat is the perfect escape from everyday life…


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