Motion to Mindfulness Yoga

Kew, Greater London (Richmond upon Thames), TW96AJ
Phone: 07710996310
Summary: Set in a beautiful space, a dynamic flowing practice through sequences linked to breath, strength and flexibility training as well as mindful reflection to [...]
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Top 10 Tips to a great night’s sleep

We all know we need a good night’s sleep to perform optimally at work, in sports and in our relationships. Preferably 8 hours a night. Why? Sleep is the body’s time to repair it’s internal organs and tissues. Make new skin cells and allow our brain time to process and...

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Relax yourself into wellness- the beautiful gifts of Yin Yoga

April 9, 2018     Karen Lawrence Yin is an increasingly popular style of yoga.  What is it that so many people are finding so powerful about it? Why is Yin yoga so very helpful in our busy, stressful lives? Calming the mind chatter Practicing Yin yoga helps calm the...

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Suzi Thompson

Blossom Wellbeing

Sarah is a very knowledgable, kind and friendly teacher. Everyone is well looked after. She offers individual advise in a group class. I very much enjoyed her classes.
Polly Roberts

Yoga Kind

Polly leads her yoga classes with patience, experience and a sense of humour; providing a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to practice - yoga with Polly has become an essential part of my often hectic work/family life providing calm…
Polly Roberts

Yoga Kind

Yoga helps maintain a healthy body and mind.  The movements practiced and breathing techniques help to keep the body supple and also get rid of toxins.  The breathing practice has a calming effect and may reduce feelings of stress.  I…
Polly Roberts

Yoga Kind

Polly's classes are a really enjoyable all round experience ranging from stretching those underused muscles; very beneficial breathing exercises; extremely interesting information about the philosophy of yoga and last, but not least, the fantastic relaxation; all of which sends you…