Yoga in Surrey

Weybridge, Surrey
Phone: 07930464766
Summary: Come and experience the benefits for yourself! Yoga is for Everyone .... although my classes are challenging I cater for all levels from complete beginners to more [...]
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The key benefits of pregnancy yoga

During your pregnancy, your body undergoes significant changes that prepare you for your baby's development and childbirth. If you're keen to help the process along, you might want to consider the benefits of pregnancy yoga. You'll prepare your pelvic floor for birth...

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The Ujayii Breath

What is the ujjayi breath? The ujjayi breath (ooh-JAH-yee) is translated as the victorious breath. It allows us to breathe in a controlled manner. It is a deep sonorous sound that increases the movement of the diaphragm and lengthens the spine. The soft consistent...

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Be Kind to Your Ego because it is Your Friend

We often wish each other prosperity at special occasions that mark new beginnings such weddings or when moving home. But what sort of prosperity are we referring to? We may want someone to succeed in their endeavours, but what are those endeavours and what is it that...

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Andrea Upton Yoga

Kind, calming, lovely teacher!

Divine Yoga with Lakshmi

So lovely! Came away floating on air. Laksmi teaches a nice gentle class.
Dee Opp

Yoga in Surrey

Laura's love and passion for yoga is infectious. I am always amazed as she gets me out of my head and let's me enjoy the movement with joy and confidence. My fav yogi teacher xx

Yoga in Surrey

Literally can't get enough of Laura's classes. Laura has made me feel so welcome since I started just a few months ago. She has given me the confidence to try things I never thought I would. Both my body and…

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