Trusting your intuitioin

In my yoga classes, I often invite students to work with our physical body layer strengthening it and making it more supple. We also work with the energy layer, paying attention to the breath. As our practice gets more refined, we are able to include the mind layer. According to Yoga philosophy, all of these layers, or Koshas, are just illusions, or Maya, that by getting to know we can transcend.

The fourth Kosha is vijnanamaya kosha (vijnana means “the power of judgment or discernment”). How often do you listen to your intuition?

Listening to our inner wisdom and intuition is essential to be able to apply ahimsa or no harm to ourselves. Having faith that your inner voice is showing you the way of what’s right for you.

In Yoga we believe that we are one, we share energy and also wisdom. There is the instinct that you might have regarding immediate danger, but there is also a more subtle realm of inner knowledge or even collective feeling that we are subject to.

We can be subject and connect with collective knowledge as well as collective pain.

I personally have been lucky through this Covid 19 crisis and also the ones close to me have been safe from it. I have been able to work and learn new things.

So, why do I sometimes still feel anxiety? Why do I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t stop thinking and pondering? Have you also felt this way?

Maybe we can explore what we are perceiving subconsciously as a collective being and the effects that it might have in our day to day perception.

It’s never too late to explore this concept and open your third eye.

Head to my Youtube channel if you would like to put this into practice and search for the Vijana MayaKosha class.

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