Correcting Posture Slump

Open Your Heart and Arms and Grow Into Spring As Do the Blossom Trees

Just by living our daily lives we are constantly gathering stress in the mind and the body.  Negative and stressful thoughts and behaviours manifest in the body as illness.

Yoga is a powerful and organic way to flush out toxins from our emotions, our diets, and the environment.  This is natural healing.

The head, neck and shoulders consist of an extraordinarily complex network of joints, nerves, blood vessels, muscles, tendons, and ligaments and extremely prone to the tension which most of us hold here.

The entire body is connected, and one stressed area can impact on several other areas.  For example, slouching forward at a computer, driving, even cooking can weaken many spine supporting muscles and cause imbalance which is potentially damaging and eventually you have a permanent slump, the cervical spine is no longer upright, the head is forward and your chest is no longer open.

Tight neck, injured rotator cuff muscles, shoulder joint issues and tight upper body muscles including the backs largest and most powerful latissimus dorsi are all impacted by hunching forward.  This is a common bad habit we must learn to break

If we observe a sick or depressed, person we will see that they tend to slump forward.

Concentration can also introduce head, neck and shoulder tension which progressively worsens if not corrected.

There is good news!  Yoga can help.

In every pose we must learn how to hold the neck, head, and shoulders to create organic and healthy movement which will release tension and help to avoid injury

So, let’s imagine ourselves in Savasana on the ground with the palms up to facilitate an open chest.  This is exactly what we should aim to do when standing, whether in a yoga practice or standing in a queue

One great tip I learned is to “Imagine the elbows in the back pocket”.

Every time you correct your stance you will free the negative, emotional memory locked into the heart and belly areas or the back.  The back muscles carry huge amounts of tension.  Sometimes in Yoga practice we can become tearful in backbends because they are releasing emotional toxins.

Once you realise the potential for self-cleansing you will reach for that correct posture, you will feel fresh, alive, and as if you are floating.


Externally rotate the arms so that the palms face forward.   Bring the shoulders down away from the ears and gently lift through the upper body. This naturally open the shoulders with ease, releases and lengthens the neck muscles and creates a space in the entire upper body, neck, and jawline.    We create space which is open and holds no clutter

It takes between 2-6 weeks to make or break a habit, so at first, we will have to try to check our posture but then it becomes automatic.

So, let’s begin right away wherever you are sitting or standing.

Take a deep inhale, roll the shoulder blades down the spine, open the arms, and lift the heart and exhale!    Immediately feel less stress, breathe more fully, and draw in more prana,  the life force which pervades all things and feel refreshed and alive.

Join me to release the old stagnant energy and open the body for Springtime.

In this class we will learn how to correctly:

Hold our arms

How to lift them without hunching the shoulders

How to get maximum stretch from the shoulders through to the fingertips

How to fix neck and shoulder tension in every pose

Add some hip opening poses to completely detox and revitalise the entire bodymind.


Please email to receive your Zoom link 24hrs prior to

Class.   Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5-6pm

Saturdays at 7-8am

Payment through Paypal or Bank Transfer prior to class.

I am also available for 15 minute consultations to discuss your personal needs

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