Release Vini Yoga often starts with the feet …..

Vini Yoga often starts with the feet …..

This yoga style teaches yoga teachers to plan sessions using a ‘SKLIBS’ lesson flow. I don’t always use it as I like mix it up a little ~ but I do like it’s flow…

…so a class would start with standing asana and move to kneeling asana and then to lying postures linking to inverted asana and close with a backbend or two and finally finishes the class seated – this as a time to absorb the benefits of the practice.

This format is a great way to gently get into your own yoga headspace and naturally moves from standing to seated without too many changes so that you stay focused in your own mindful moment.

🌷🌷& I always sneak a lying yoga nidra relaxation in at the end – this is always the best bit …. 🌷🌷

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