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  • Westminster Park Community Centre, Five Ashes Road, Chester.

About Teresa4Yoga

Dru Yoga is yoga of the heart, that connects us with a deep peace and stillness within. It combines traditional yoga postures with tai chi like movement sequences to improve strength, flexibility, promote relaxation and deep healing in your body.

Dru yoga is a gentle form of yoga easily adapted for all levels of fitness, flexibility and mobility. Suitable for those who have never done any yoga or those more experienced who seek a deeper connection in their yoga practice. It is a very powerful form of yoga that was practised by Gandhi and is now taught all over the world. People who try Dru yoga love it, not just because you feel so good afterwards, but they enjoy the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits.
It brings you to a place of peace, clarity and centeredness. There is a sense of coming home deep within yourself and life is easier to cope with, you can express your authenticity and of course there are all the positive physical benefits.

It is ideal for improving your strength and flexibility, for back care and injury rehabilitation, reducing anxiety and depression, improving your mood, and overall feelings of health and well-being.

In a Dru yoga class I activate and warm up your body including some tai chi and qi gong energy enhancing movements and preparatory stretching.

This is followed by an energy block release sequence of movements that are specifically designed to release physical and emotional energy that gets trapped in our muscles and joints through our everyday experiences in life. By regularly freeing this energy your physical health improves, your body becomes more agile and flexible, you feel lighter, more joyful with an enhanced general feeling of emotional and mental well-being . This combined with a wonderful renewed vitality ignites an enhanced yest for life.

I then teach several traditional yoga asanas or postures, combined with various pranayama or breathing techniques that connect you to a deep inner peace. We finish with a dru yoga sequence where postures and movement are combined like the Salutation to the Sun that opens the heart and releases vital energy or the Earth Sequence that helps to ground you, or the Salutation to the Four Directions that puts us in touch with qualities of tolerance, generosity, strength and love or The Vitality Sequence that does just that.

We finish with a deep Relaxation/Meditation to release tension, heal and rejuvenate you.

Class members tend to come back year after year and become good friends
and a cherished support network for each other.


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