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Yoga, Meditation & Restorative Classes & 1-2-1 Yoga Therapy with Karan in Cheltenham

  • 1 Lyefield Road East, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL53 8BA.

About Yoga, Meditation & Restorative Classes & 1-2-1 Yoga Therapy with Karan in Cheltenham

I am passionate about sharing the restorative benefits of yoga to support your well-being and maintain positive health. After 20 years of practicing yoga the inspiration to train as a yoga teacher came when I discovered Dru Yoga. I found Dru to be powerful, yet gentle, gaining a deeper understanding of myself. Today I continue to share the wonders of Dru with my students in my teaching.

Daytime Dru Yoga Classes – A flowing and potent style of yoga for maintaining positive health and wellbeing. Dru Yoga’s unique energy block release sequences quickly relieves stress and releases physical and mental/emotional tension. All lessons finish with a guided relaxation (20 minutes). Yoga is suitable for beginners and can be adapted to suit your individual needs.

Meditation for beginners – My teaching  is based on the yogic tradition and looks at the mind, the emotions and the body. In a progressive 6-week course you will learn different meditations and concentration exercises to start your journey of meditation. We will also cover how to sit and be relaxed for meditation; the role our posture and alignment of the spine has to play during meditation and the importance of deep relaxation in being able to meditate. Each meditation has a different focus; some on the physical body, others breath focused and subtle guided visualisations. Each lesson includes movement and relaxation to bring the body to a relaxed but alert place ready to sit for meditation.

Restorative Yoga – These practical workshops explore the theraupeutics of restorative yoga, relaxation and meditation. Ideal for those seeking some ‘me time’ away from the stresses of life. Discover how to switch off your ‘flight and fight’ response and gain more emotional balance and peace of mind. In this 2-hour event you will experience gentle movement, learn restorative yoga poses, calming breathing exercises, mudras and meditation to support your wellbeing. Each technique is easy to learn; take then away with you – use them in your day and start to feel noticeable benefits.

Most of our practice happens lying on the mat, gentle movement, restorative poses where your body is supported by cushions and bolsters to deeply rest the body; seated for breath work and meditation.
Also suitable if you are living with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, perimenopause symptoms, feeling hypersensitive or suffer with insomnia, stress or mild anxiety.

Yoga Therapy addresses your specific health challenges, offering you easy-to-learn effective yogic tools to self-manage chronic health conditions and promotes positive ‘whole you’ health. Focused towards the body, the mind and the emotions. For a free 15 minute private consultation please contact me 07587 042044.

Yoga in Nature – Guided walks in the calming surroundings of beautiful nature reserves and yoga days in secluded private grounds. Unplug yourself from your mobile and gadgets and feel the pace of life slowing down, breathe deeply, connect with the earth beneath your feet and awaken to your surroundings. Immerse yourself in the natural healing of woodlands, awaken your senses to sights, sounds, aromas and feel the sensations of the nature wash over you.  Please see ‘events’ for the upcoming walks and yoga days.

You’ll love Dru Yoga.

~ 1-2-1 Yoga Therapy

~ Yoga Therapy Course in small groups to self-manage your wellbeing

~ Dru Yoga Classes Mixed Ability, Friendly & Small
~ Dru Meditation Courses for beginners
~ Women’s Wellness Workshops
~ Restorative Yoga
~ Healthy Back Care Lessons

Karan is a fully qualified Yoga Therapist, accredited by the British Council or Yoga Therapy (BYCT) and registered with the Complimentary and Natural HealthCare Council (CNHC)

Dru Yoga & Meditation Teacher (Dip DYTT) 200 hour teacher training course with International School of Dru Yoga, Yoga Alliance and Independent Yoga Network (UK).

Postgraduate Back Care Foundation Course with International School of Dru Yoga.

Member of the Dru Professional Network (DPN) and fully insured.

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