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SajaRut Yoga

Cirencester, Gloucestershire
Website Address: https://sajarutyoga.com/
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Private, public and corporate Vinyasa Flow and Restorative yoga classes in and around Cirencester. Build strength, increase flexibility and reduce stress through mindful movement.

When was the last time you took a deep full breath? Allowed yourself a moment to just be?

A regular yoga practice has a number of physical benefits including increased strength and bone density as well as improved flexibility and posture. But one of the most incredible things about yoga are the mental benefits, how it calms the mind and reduces stress. Yoga can help bring you into the present moment, whether it’s a fast paced flow, a slow restorative or a simple seated meditation, the focus on tuning into the body, tuning into the breath, allowing you to let everything else melt away.

Why not allow yourself to reap those amazing benefits?

Sæunn offers both a vigorous Vinyasa Flow and a slower meditative Restorative. Her Vinyasa classes are focused on mindful movement, finding the breath and linking it to each motion, she encourages feeling the movement and the pose rather than focusing on how it looks. She believes that tuning into the body, into each motion, allows you to then tune deeper into yourself and tap into your full potential. In her Restorative classes Sæunn focuses on relaxation and recharging the body and mind, going deep into the body’s connective tissue through long holds and slow mindful breaths, allowing both the body and mind to surrender to the pose.

Cirencester Studio Classes:

Wednesday 7.30 - 8.30pm Vinyasa Flow at Unicorn House (runs in 6 week blocks, check website for details)

Thursday 9.30 - 10.30am Vinyasa Flow at Inner Temple (drop-in)

Or if you prefer a more personalised practice why not get in touch to book a private one-to-one session?

Contact: hello@sajarutyoga.com
Website: sajarutyoga.com
Instagram: @sajarut
Facebook: SajaRut Yoga


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