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Mark Westmoquette

  • Camberwell, Southwark .

About Mark Westmoquette

In my Zen Yoga classes I teach how we can re-balance and re-connect the body and mind in order to find stillness in movement. Through moving into specific postures often linked via flowing sequences we become more aware of the blockages, restrictions, or limitations in our mind-body, and can then start to work on softening and unblocking these. Although my classes are not always that fast-paced, I still try to make them physically intense, with the idea of finding strength through letting go, and intensity within gentleness.

My yoga is strongly influenced by my Zen practice in terms of the philosophy and the underlying system of energy (the Chinese acupuncture meridian lines)

I also teach course and workshops in mindfulness, covering techniques and practices drawn from the Zen tradition. Mindfulness is a strong theme in Zen practice, and can dramatically benefit your general health, wellbeing and vitality, improve concentration, help manage stress/pain/depression, and ultimately lead to a deep understanding of the self and the true nature of the universe.

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