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Feeling Yogaful – Hatha Yoga in Battersea and Wandsworth

Battersea, Greater London (Wandsworth), SW11 1EQ
Phone: 07917 367232
Website Address: http://www.feelingyogaful.uk/
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Feeling Yogaful - Soulful Hatha Yoga

We run small and friendly hatha yoga classes and private sessions in fresh and fully equipped studios in Battersea Rise and Wandsworth. Claire Plastow is your teacher. She is warm, inclusive and professional and combines her knowledge of hatha yoga with personal yoga experience to teach a yoga class that is relevant and rewarding. Claire holds a 500-hour diploma in teaching yoga, is British Wheel of Yoga accredited and has practised yoga for almost 20 years. 

Our yoga classes are populated by locals just like you. Men and women who have demanding lives and full schedules. If, like them, you’d like to enhance your health and well-being, come along and try a class.


Beginners’ Hatha Yoga Classes - Tuesdays 6:15 - 7:15 pm

Allow us to introduce you to Hatha Yoga, a way to enhance your health and well-being. In our Beginners’ and Beginners-Plus Hatha Yoga Classes you’ll explore foundation yoga poses, yogic breathing, relaxation and a little yoga philosophy. Learn to exercise your whole body with awareness, how to breathe for vitality, to rest deeply and take the opportunity to consider some key hatha yoga principles.


Intermediate Hatha Yoga (Level 2 & 3) Classes - Tuesday, 7:30 - 8:45 pm

Our Intermediate Hatha Yoga (Level 2 & 3) class is ideal for those with good self-awareness and a solid yoga foundation. It offers interest, variety and an opportunity to continue your yoga journey by working a little more deeply. You can expect to progress your yoga, building on your foundation yoga knowledge by bedding-in sun salutes A and B and learning a broad range of poses and sequences. You’ll flow through some and hold others to increase fitness and stamina and use some of the more subtle elements of hatha yoga that also influence your body’s energetic system. In this class we alternate between pranayama and meditation techniques so that you have a really rounded yoga experience and enjoy the challenge and rewards that yoga has to offer.


Beginners & Intermediate Hatha Yoga (Levels 1 & 2) Classes - Friday, 9:15 - 10:30 am

This Hatha Yoga class is for beginners through to intermediate and we encourage you to find a pace and challenge level that is right for you. You’ll consolidate foundation poses, refining and deepening your knowledge as you explore intermediate poses which we adapt as required.

This an interesting and stretching class, we blend classic hatha yoga elements, poses, breath control, meditation and a little yoga philosophy for a rounded session. You’ll flow through sun salutes and hold some poses, learn to use your breath and work in more depth to build fitness and stamina. We alternate between focusing on breath control and meditation techniques and underpin the physical experience with some more subtle yoga teachings for a great all-round, feel-good session.


All classes are in the studio at Fresh Ground, 68 Battersea Rise, Battersea, SW11 1EQ.

Private sessions are at your place or ours, the Yogaful Home Studio, 32 Elsynge Road, Wandsworth, SW18 2HN.

Both studios are fully equipped, fresh and airy.

Class Prices:
2 Taster classes £10.00
Single class £15.00
5 class credit pack £75.00
10 class credit pack £125.00

Private Session Prices:

Taster session £30.00
Single session £60.00
6 private session credit pack £315.00

View our live calendar and book your sessions online.


Opening Times

Opening Times: Beginners’ Hatha Yoga Course; Tuesdays 6:15 – 7:15 pm

Intermediate Hatha Yoga Class; Tuesdays; 7:30 – 8:45 pm

Beginner-plus & Intermediate blended Hatha Yoga Class; Fridays 9:15 – 10:30 am

Private yoga sessions are by appointment.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Fresh Ground is close to the junction between Battersea Rise and Northcote Road. We're 2 units up from Carphone Warehouse and opposite Banana Tree restaurant.


13 Reviews/Comments on "Feeling Yogaful – Hatha Yoga in Battersea and Wandsworth"

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Ian Ford-Batey
Rating :

Claire’s professional and gentle approach to her yoga classes makes you feel calm and relaxed from the word go. The whole session is controlled and gentle and by the end all the worries of the day have been washed away. Her approach to her classes encapsulates the feeling of stepping back in time to a more ‘cool in the kaftan’ 70s era, when yoga first became popular. As the session progresses, you can feel the hustle and bustle of the modern world being left behind, if only for a short while. And I’ve been sleeping better.

Ian Ford-Batey
Rating :

Claire’s classes take you back to a more gentle ‘cool in the kaftan’ time when there was less stress in the world. From the word go, her calm and gentle approach leaves the worries and stresses of the day far behind. Not only do you feel energised but also more relaxed. I have to say after every session I have a good night’s sleep.

Rating :

I experienced a good balance of core, balance and flexibility exercise which was very relaxing. There is also a spiritual nature for those who are interested. Welcoming group, warm room and an excellent teacher. 5/5.

Rating :

I am very much enjoying the Tuesday evening and Friday morning Hatha Yoga at Fresh Ground. Claire is incredibly warm and welcoming. Her calm positivity really resonates through her class. I feel very much at ease practicing with her. Great for fitness and relaxation.


Hello Nao, thank you so much for your warms words and endorsement. We love having you in class, you have a lovely energy. Om shanti.

Rating :

Really enjoy attending Claire’s classes. I like the well thought out class plans which provide a good amount of stretch to encourage me to try new postures. They classes are calming and restorative and help me destress after a long day at work!


Hello and thank you. You have highlighted the planning that goes into a class, it’s lovely to hear that works for you. If you are able to, please drop me a private note as well.

Rating :

The classes are beautifully thought out, calming and considerate to all abilities.
After every class I have always left feeling uplifted, open and a deep sense of peace. Would highly recommend Claire’s classes.

Claire Plastow

Dear Sarah, thank you for sharing your considered thoughts. I’m certain yogis around and about who are considering my classes will find them helpful. Namaste.

Gergana Barakova
Rating :
A yoga class which changed my life for the duration of this wonderful experience. After a long day at work I found myself in Claire’s class as per friends advise. I had done some yoga before and had an idea what to expect. However, I was really not prepared of what was coming next. Claire’s approach and energy swept the whole room and I felt cared for and protected. The lady has a special power – a skill not only in yoga but in opening your senses and allowing you to let go. The yoga was wonderful and made me… Read more »
Claire Plastow

Dear Gergana, thank you for very, very warm review. You’ve given some really useful insight as to how yoga can be so uplifting and healing. Thank you doesn’t really adequate! Om shanti.

Rating :

I really enjoy Claire’s classes and I love how relaxed I feel after a session. Claire is an amazing teacher and her instructions are clear and concise. I always look forward to attending her classes and I very much recommend them!

Claire Plastow

Dear Julie. Thank you, that’s such useful info to anyone considering out classes. Namaste!

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