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About Gillian Cawte Yoga

Gillian is a Yin Yoga Module Teacher for The British Wheel of Yoga and Senior Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. Gillian has practiced yoga since 1999. She undertook her teacher training at The Life Centre in London from 2005 to 2007.

Over the past twenty years, Gillian has studied with a wide variety of international teachers, including Mukunda Stiles, Aadil Palkhivala, Richard Freeman, Max Strom, Donna Fahri and Lama Tsultrim Allione. Her current teachers are Sarah and Ty Powers, and on who’s programmes she gained their Yin Yoga Level 5 Diploma Teacher Training Certification.

During 2013 to 2014 she completed Sarah Powers 200 hour Yin Insight Teacher Training and has since completed a 500-hour Insight Training Programme.

In May 2018 Gillian completed a six-month Level III Insight Yoga Training studying the Buddha Dharma. Gillian has also trained with Bernie Clark in Vancouver in 2014.

Gillian teaches Yin Yoga classes in Didsbury. Her teaching style incorporates Hatha Yoga with flows and yin. She encourages her students to feel their poses rather than the focusing on the aesthetics of the pose. Gillian emphasizes how each individual student can respect and tune in to their own unique body.   She explains how poses are performed and likes her students to be comfortably challenged. Turning your mind inwards during yoga can help you identify any areas of the body that feel tight. Gillian emphasizes the fact that all bodies are unique and students should respect their own limitations, breathing into these areas to help release tension.

She encourages her students to take yoga off their mats and into their daily lives, focusing on Buddhist principles.

Additionally, Gillian is a qualified masseuse having trained in Swedish, injury prevention and sports massage.

In 2013 she trained with her acupuncturist and completed training in Holistic Therapies covering, energy healing, Shiatsu acupressure, aromatherapy, reflexology, therapeutic massage, crystal healing and healing herbs.

Gillian is fascinated by the complex, diversity of the human body and has studied Human Anatomy at Edinburgh University. She has recently completed a BSc (Honours) Open Degree at the Open University.

Gillian has run eleven successful yoga retreats in various European centres.

Currently she is learning about her authentic nature through self-practice and the teachings of the Buddha and the Five Dakinis. She is committed to living with a whole-hearted curiosity to learning and awareness of the nature of suffering.


 The Life Centre (now Yogacampus – 200 Hours)

Paul Grilley – 500 hours

Sarah Powers – Insight Yoga Institute – 500 Hours

Yoga Alliance UK – Master Teacher

Bernie Clark – 50 Hours

British Wheel of Yoga Module Teacher


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Events by Gillian Cawte Yoga

Events by Gillian Cawte Yoga

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Sue Thornton
Rating :

Gillian Cawte is an excellent Yin Yoga trainer. She is patient, helpful and kind.
She certainly knows her stuff and her teaching style is easy to understand and rigorous. She is a lovely person and this shines through in her teaching.

Audrey Walker
Rating :

I have completed the Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 with Gillian. She is an great trainer and each training day was informative and fun. Prior to the training, Gillian provided a comprehensive manual and after each training day she sent additional reference material. This is a well organised and excellent Yin Yoga Training and I have no hesitation in recommending it to yoga teachers.

I have signed up for Level 2 later this year.

Pamela Whyatt
Rating :

Comprehensive course taught very well
Beautiful information folder sent pre course
Great use of shared material and well balanced with practise and theory

Highly recommended

Gillian is passionate about her subject and that shines through

Jules Mackenzie
Rating :

Gillian is an exceptional teacher and delivers the whole package in her Yin Teacher Training modules. Her attention to the folder information content and meridian doll sent in advance is most impressive. Gillian’s effective teaching style is what makes her Level 1 module easily digestible, and therefore, as a student, able to retain the knowledge being shared.
Gillian’s enthusiasm to teach is infectious, in that as soon as I was informed about a stage I wanted to teach it straight away.
I highly recommend Gillian’s Yin Teacher Training Level 1 module. I’ve already booked onto Level 2 in the autumn.

Jenny Braim
Rating :

I have just completed Level 1 Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Gillian and can highly recommend. Gillian’s teaching style is clear and straightforward and I was totally absorbed. The course materials are detailed but easy to follow and contain some excellent visuals. Gillian inspires confidence and is a lovely, calm and extremely knowledgeable lady.
I am signing up to study part 2 with Gillian later this year.
Thank you for prop class and fun course.

Audrey Walker
Rating :

I recently completed YYTT Level 2 with Gillian and thoroughly recommend it. Gillian is an excellent teacher and the training days were enjoyable, informative and fun with good interaction with Gillian and the other trainees. The training manual and reference materials were first class.
I learned more about anatomy on the Yin Yoga Teacher Training Levels 1 & 2 with Gillian that I have on any other workshops!

Rating :

Thoroughly enjoyed level 1 yin yoga teacher training with Gillian. Her teaching style and training material is brilliant and I have learnt so much that I can use in my practice and for teaching others. I work full time, so a weekend a month for 3 months was great. Plan to do level 2 in the future. Thank you so much. xx

Sue Woolley
Rating :

I would heartily recommend Gillian’s 50 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level 1, which I recently completed on Zoom. She knows the subject inside out and teaches with clarity and enthusiasm. A perfect balance of theory and practice. I now feel confident to teacher Yin Yoga to my students.

Alison T
Rating :

I have recently completed my Level 1 Yin yoga teacher training with Gillian online via Zoom. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it. The course was well presented with great resources that meant it was always a pleasure to study. Gillian is very friendly, knowledgeable and obviously passionate about her subject. Everyone was made to feel welcome and everyone’s point of view was considered and included which was useful for bringing a wider perspective to the subject. I am looking forward to Level 2 with Gillian.

Rating :

I really enjoyed Gillian Cawtes functional approach to Yin Yoga 1 teacher training. It was an online course but Gillian’s style made me feel like we were all in the room together.
She always made us feel comfortable and was happy to answer all our questions and go over material if we were unsure.
I would highly recommend this course.
Thank you Gillian – I can’t wait to start Yin TT 2

Susan Williams
Rating :

I did Yin yoga teacher training level 1 with Gill earlier this year and found her to be an inspirational teacher. The notes I received were very organised which allowed me to prepare for the course before the first day. Gill has an outstanding knowledge of anatomy her teaching style is appreciative of all learning styles. She made the course very easy to understand and very enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to the next part. Would highly recommend Gill and her outstanding knowledge.

Catherine Rolfe
Rating :

I have been doing my level 1 Yin Yoga teacher with Gillian and she is a wonderful, kind, sincere and knowledgeable teacher who I would highly recommend.

Jill May
Rating :

Gillian’s Yin Yoga online training course offers an accessible and practical approach to understanding how to teach Yin yoga in todays leisure fitness environment. The no nonsense functional approach is a breath of fresh air which clears away any misconceptions that define yoga as a unique practice only for the very toned and flexible participant. Her message is that yoga is not about ‘looking good’ but about ‘feeling good’ and that is the message to convey to every body to share and enjoy. The mantra is “Your body – Your practice – Your yoga”

Rating :

I have completed both levels one and two of the Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Gillian. I can whole heartedly recommend Gillian’s Teacher training. Her courses are accessible and comprehensive. I am a 500 hour BWY yoga teacher, however I still learnt so much more about anatomy and physiology and about the functional approach to teaching students. It is so valuable to be able to create an inclusive class based on functionality rather than aesthetics which allows all students to feel validated in their yoga practice.

Rating :

I have completed both level 1 and level 2 Yin Yoga training with Gillian and I can’t recommend her highly enough. The training is very thorough and I have learnt far more than I thought possible.
Gillian is very knowledgable and presents the information in a very accessible way with excellent printed materials to support the sessions. If you are looking for Yin training then I would highly recommend Gillian.

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