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Birch Moon

Birch Moon Well Being Centre

  • Axbridge BS26 2DU, UK.

About Birch Moon Well Being Centre

Specialising in gentle, holistic yoga and healing chant, our classes draw on the “Power of Slow”.   Perfect for those who, through health conditions, injury or experiencing stress, anxiety, burnout or energy issues, will benefit from slow, mindful movement combined with synchronised breath.  Asana (postures), breath work (pranayama), cleansing breathing and movement techniques (kriyas) and deep relaxation (yoga nidra) all support the body-mind in transformative healing.

Our Centre’s Director, Sarena Mason (500 hour Holistic, Hatha Yoga teacher and IYN member) also specialises in cross-cultural healing chant and mantra, which she teaches monthly and through specialist workshops.

Weekly classes, themed workshops and retreats are offered throughout the year, together with individual 1 to 1 sessions for therapeutic yoga and coaching.

We are based around Axbridge, Cheddar and surrounding villages – with workshops and retreats offered in the south west.


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Events by Birch Moon Centre for Wellbeing & Resilience

Events by Birch Moon Centre for Wellbeing & Resilience

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