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Yoga for Recovery & New Beginnings

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About Yoga for Recovery & New Beginnings

Mindful yoga for transformational - group and individual sessions for all. Specialist groups for parents of addicts.

Yoga supports your body return and remain in a state of well-being. It clears and balances your energies, calms emotions, and brings clarity to the mind. Mindful yoga illuminates your habits and coping mechanisms so they can be updated to something more supportive. Calm, peace, and presence on and off the mat becomes possible. You deepen your relationship with self and awaken to all you are as you transform negative self-talk and wounding. Your body feels safe to relax deeply and move freely. Your inner wisdom is accessed. Physical challenges may reduce or disappear. New ways of being, thinking and responding to life can develop. You will be less restricted by your history and conditioning.

You can:
• Remain calm when triggered.
• Develop curiosity rather than blame or judge
• Avoid old reactions/habits.
• Create new strategies/habits

O = Observe
G = Gratitude (instead of judging)
A = Accept - what was and is
YOGA sets you free. It creates opportunities for a new beginning. You can find your true self and live fully.

Specialist groups for parents of addicts.

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Events by Suzan

Events by Suzan