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Finding Balance with Pam

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About Finding Balance with Pam

Hello, my name is Pam and I am a yoga therapist.

I work one to one (face to face or via Zoom).

The yoga I offer is tailored to you and can vary from session to session, depending on your needs on the day or what is happening in your life at the moment.

I offer a blended approach of yoga, yoga therapy and counselling. Informed and embodied through my own personal yoga journey over the last 30 years.

Using gentle yoga movement and practices which are adaptable to all bodies, ages and physical conditions, I can help you reduce your stress levels, feel calmer, more rested, stronger and more connected to yourself.

My one to one sessions are particularly helpful for those who do not feel comfortable or safe in a yoga class and who feel they might benefit from specific and tailored guidance, instruction and interaction.

I work specifically with conditions such as:
Chronic Fatigue / Burnout / Menopause (brain fog and hot flushes)
C-PTSd / PTSd / (trauma)
ADHd / Autism
Anxiety and panic attacks
Grief and Loss

I offer yoga nidra, a state of dynamic sleep, a form of conscious relaxation achieved by laying down in a comfortable and warm position and listening to my voice as I guide you around your body . This state between sleep and wakefulness, provides an opportunity to tune in and away from our outer experiences. Providing an opportunity for deep and profound rest, healing and connection of the mind and body.

Please contact me for more information and informal chat.

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