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For over 15 years I have enjoyed yoga, sometimes regularly, sometimes just dipping in when I needed to. Where ever I have lived in the world or around the UK yoga became a small sanctuary.

Now I am part of the British Wheel of yoga, the Sports England recognised national governing body for yoga. I live in the wonderful village of Poynton and aim to share yoga so others can feel the joy it brings to body and mind. ​

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Yoga at Home – a guide to cultivating a home yoga practise, 5 top tips!

For me it wasn’t until I managed to establish a daily (or mostly daily) yoga practise that I saw a real change in my body, my abilities and my mind. In fact as soon as I got into the habit of doing even just 10 minutes of yoga a day I found not only a […]

Lessons Learnt on the Journey to ‘Wind Down Town’

Here comes the weekend!! I have begun to start each Saturday with my pregnancy yoga class – going to one that is, not teaching for a change! For the past two weeks I have woken up leisurely with no alarm, had a cup of tea in bed and then bumbled off to yoga. Its been […]

What is self-care – and why does it matter?

Anyone who has been to my classes or just spoken to me in general might be able to pick up on the fact that I am big into ‘self-care’. But you might ask what does this mean, really? To me self-care is actively choosing to take some time for yourself, to do something (anything) that […]

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