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Leo is a qualified Intermediate Iyengar Yoga instructor, with a background in psychology, who teaches in the village of Egerton, near Ashford, Kent. She also teaches at the Maidstone Yoga Centre, which is dedicated to Iyengar Yoga. Along with Lin Craddock, who owns the Centre, she is the co-founder of myyogatutor.com, an online yoga site, and 'Yoga with Lin and Leo', a popular YouTube channel offering yoga sequences and tutorials. Following the success of their ebook, "Yoga for the Stiffer Body - Inspirational Sequences made Accessible for Real People" (available on Amazon), their next title, "Yoga for the Stressed Body" is due to be published in 2018.

Leo is an experienced and approachable teacher who wants everyone to feel the joy and freedom that yoga can bring. In Iyengar Yoga, the poses are very precise and can be hard work as they involve intense strengthening and stretching, but sequences are structured and safe, and teachers are trained to work with students with specific problems.

Yoga first improves physical health, flexibility and strength, but with regular practice, the psychological and emotional benefits of yoga become apparent.

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Beyond the Spine – Yoga and Back Pain

If you have back pain, or indeed any other musculoskeletal pain, the first port of call is likely to be a visit to the doctor to try and establish where the problem lies and to discuss the treatment options. If you’re lucky, you might be referred to a good physiotherapist, or an x-ray or MRI […]

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