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Amanda Frost
I Provide live interactive classes and on demand services via the internet for HEALTH SEEKERS who what to GET BACK TO WELLNESS.

As a HEALTH SEEKER myself, I understand that you value safe educational exercise as a key part of your life journey and that is why all my classes focus on POSTURE, MOBILITY, STRENGTH AND BREATH.

Before setting up Yoga & Pilates Live and moving to the countryside to become a mum of two. I run a successful corporate Yoga & Pilates company for major businesses including Google, AOL, Time Warner and for several health clubs across London.

I started my formal fitness education in 2003 and combined that with my ballet dance background to help many HEALTH SEEKERS over the years. I have focused and developed my exercise education in Yoga and Pilates because these disciplines lend them self perfectly to a wellness first approach.

I am fully certified and insured to teach Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Flow Yoga and a variety of Pilates Matwork. As a member of the register of exercise professionals and Yoga Alliance I am held accountable to keep my education current.

I have also studied anatomy, bio mechanics and Muscle Activation Techniques and regularly drawn of these training's to make sure my classes are safe and effective.

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