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Life Balance Yoga

Ashford, Kent, TN27 9DS
Phone: 07775 720183
Website Address: www.lifebalanceyoga.co.uk
5 based on 9 review(s).

Beginners and General classes with an experienced, fully qualified Intermediate Iyengar Yoga teacher in the beautiful setting of Egerton Millennium Hall.  Iyengar yoga focuses on postural alignment and body awareness.

If the body is aligned with precision then the breath is aligned with the same precision. If the breath is balanced then the mind, emotions and senses become balanced.

In general the class will start with a few moments of quiet to prepare for the yoga. This is followed by some preliminary postures to mobilise the body, open and activate the body and to quieten the brain to encourage a focused, concentrated state of mind. Standing postures are then often practiced in which one learns the fundamentals of how to adjust and align the body correctly. This has to be learnt before more advanced postures can be successfully mastered. Standing poses therefore form the foundation of even the most advanced postures and have to be studied continuously.

The high standard of training of Iyengar yoga teachers ensures a good record of safety for the students. Students will often say they walk away from an Iyengar yoga class feeling straighter and full of energy, despite having worked quite hard!

Opening Times

Opening Times: Tuesday 18.00-19.30
Tuesday 19.45-21.00
Thursday 13.30-15.00

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Entrance either from Rock Hill Road, opposite Olivers Garage or Elm Close, opposite the Barrow House. Or ask at the Barrow House Pub in New Road for directions to the village hall.


9 Reviews/Comments on "Life Balance Yoga"

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Barbara O,Connor
Rating :

Leo has helped me develop a love of yoga and, through her gentle and knowledgeable approach, has improved my body awareness and physical condition. She has a very personal touch, treating us all as individuals and has given me confidence to practice yoga with great pleasure in a safe and warm environment. I would recommend her classes to everyone.

Heather Button
Rating :
I have attended Leo’s classes at Egerton on and off for several years. She always makes herself aware of any physical challenges being experience by anyone in the group and always remembers them week on week so that everyone can participate fully in all the poses. Her explanations of the poses and their benefits are always professionally and clearly outlined adding to the whole experience. The hall at Egerton is modern and very spacious with a wonderful view over the Kent Weald which again adds to the atmosphere of the session. Life balance yoga with Leo is fun, often hard… Read more »
Lorna Tierney
Rating :

Leo adds a personal touch to her class, she understands the needs or restrictions each person requires and she nurtures them to comfortably get the best from each pose. She shares her in depth knowledge of Yoga with clear instructions, enthusiasm and compassion. Her classes leave me with a sense of clam and freedom from everyday stresses and she has inspired me and given me the confidence to take my yoga journey further with self practice. Thank you Leo

Claire Stevens
Rating :

Yoga tuition in a relaxed environment. Extremely knowledgeable tutor, Leo, lends attention to those who have specific needs and ensures correct positioning for all. On a personal level posture discipline has been invaluable. To miss a class is a true disappointment.

Suzy Hll
Rating :

Leo is a wonderful teacher, she is always always calm, interesting, and always finds a way around physical difficulties. She tells you not only how to do the poses, but what they are doing to you internally! Which is fascinating! I have been going to hers classes for years and you always learn something new, she really is a fantastic teacher!

Amanda Cetin
Rating :
I have been practising Iyengar yoga with Leo for nearly a year now and can honestly say that it has benefited not only my physical health but also my entire outlook on life and mental wellbeing. I feel stronger and fitter, calmer and happier. Leo is a compassionate, warm, helpful and knowledgeable teacher. She knows everyone in a large class by name and explains clearly and concisely how to achieve the best possible pose you can but also how each pose benefits our bodies and minds. Leo has me hooked on yoga – her class is a highlight of my… Read more »
Rating :
I really enjoy going to Leo’s yoga classes at Egerton Hall . It is a large airy space with a stunning view over the Weald that is perfect for Leo’s classes. She has a warm and welcoming manner when you walk in and always asks how one is and takes consideration in her classes if you have any particular aches or pains .I was new to yoga when I started her classes and she has been a wonderful teacher ,showing us with great patient the different poses, and offers support and help if you need it. I would highly recommend… Read more »
Lynn Garbutt
Rating :

I have been attending Leo’s yoga classes for over two years. Leo is encouraging and supportive and explains each move in detail which is really interesting. This has enabled me to feel the benefit of the classes and understand how it is helping my body. Each person in the class is treated as an individual and their different abilities supported. Egerton Village Hall is also lovely spacious venue with stunning views of the Weald.

Sharron harvey
Rating :

Has inspired me so much and given me a deep connection with yoga !!
She remembers everything about you and guides you accordingly , her knowledge of yoga is quite amazing .
I would certainly recommend her classes !!

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