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Kundalini Yoga, Gong Yoga Therapy, Shakti Dance & Meditation Classes

Chichester, West Sussex
Phone: 07833466991
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Know as the yoga of awareness, Kundalini Yoga comprises of simple techniques that can be enjoyed by all (whatever their physical ability).

Through yogic techniques one can experience states of inner calm, bliss and increased vitality, self-confidence and creativity. It strengthens the nervous system so we are better equipped to cope with stress as well as the digestive system and glandular system (the guardians of your health).

Ram Inder Kaur is qualified to teach Kundalini Yoga, Gong Yoga Therapy, and Shakti Dance - The Yoga of Dance.

She also practices Reiki, Sound Healing (Gong, Crystal Singing Bowls, Drum and other sound therapy tools), and has a Diploma in Ayurvedic Life Style and Nutrition.

Ram Inder is committed to a daily spiritual practice, continuous study, and providing students with a safe space to clear the emotional and physical blocks that prevent us from being truly blissful, joyful and healthy. She openly shares yogic tools to help students of all levels awaken their full human potential and attain clarity, strength, self-confidence, and equanimity.

Ram Inder is currently studying Kundalini Therapy Training with Guru Dharam Khalsa and Ayurveda with Dr Deepika.


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Maintaining your youth, the spine and conquering pain

Apr 2017
Community Hall, Chichester West Sussex
Summary: Maintaining your youth, the spine and conquering pain. Your spine is one of the most important parts of your body and keeping it healthy is vital to the overall functioning [...]

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