Autumn Reflections

The equinox on the 23rd of September, made way for the season of change to come upon us. Autumn is my favorite time of year, not simply because of the breath taking beauty of the fiery colored leafy blanket that illuminates our grey roads and pavements, but because as the season of change, the fallen leaves remind us of the need to let go of what’s not required in one’s life any longer, and of the need to remember that everything is impermanent.


As the trees drop their leaves we are reminded of the cycle of rebirth and how nature’s cycles are mirrored in our lives.
Autumn is a wonderful time to reflect on what has worked for us over the last year and of what has limited us. The understanding of impermanence and of non-attachment i.e. letting go, are both integral and fundamental aspects to yoga and to Buddhism. They form the basis of the eight limbs of yoga and the eightfold path in Buddhism. Because of the ‘letting go’ ideology, it has always struck me that it should be autumn that is celebrated as the New Year, as this is the opportune time to reflect, and plant the seeds for growth and change.

For this reason Autumn is the perfect time to start something new in your life. This time can be used to look within and reflect upon what you would like to achieve within the next year. It is a wonderful time to either begin, or deepen your commitment and understanding of your existing yoga practice. Spending plenty of time in the downward dog position, gazing at your navel will assist you in the reflective practice.

Set yourself yourself a 30 day challenge. Practice yoga, meditate and or use a journal to start reflecting on anything you may like to address in your life, such as feeling limited in certain areas i.e work or relationships. Help yourself begin to process what has been working for you, and making you happy over the last year, and of what has not, and what you need to let go of, in order to make that fresh start and have that new beginning come spring time.

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