The key benefits of pregnancy yoga

During your pregnancy, your body undergoes significant changes that prepare you for your baby’s development and childbirth. If you’re keen to help the process along, you might want to consider the benefits of pregnancy yoga.

You’ll prepare your pelvic floor for birth and beyond

Throughout your pregnancy, your pelvic floor supports an increased load. In addition, it’ll undergo strain during the birthing process, leaving it weaker than when you started. While utilising kegal exercises helps to keep your pelvic floor strong, practising pregnancy yoga on a regular basis increases blood flow to your pelvis, helping to nourish the muscles in your pelvic floor. When you carry this process on following the birth, you can speed up the healing process.

Pregnancy yoga is a great way to tackle insomnia

When your body is working overtime to grow a tiny human, it stands to reason that sleeping becomes more challenging. With a busy brain and the stresses of preparing for the journey ahead, you may find it extra difficult to sleep. Pregnancy yoga helps you enhance your breathing techniques, which in turn can increase the amount of nitric oxide present in your blood. As nature’s means of relaxing your blood vessels, nitric oxide slows down blood flow, making it easier for you to relax. In addition, yoga expends pent up energy, increasing the likelihood that you’ll enjoy a good night’s rest.

You enjoy the opportunity to nurture yourself and your baby

If you’re looking for a chance to spend more time with other mums to be, pregnancy yoga presents the perfect opportunity. Not only that, you’ll be indulging in a new hobby that’s designed to nurture yourself and your baby. This is an empowering experience for any woman who is looking to reconnect with her changing body, and you’ll also develop an awareness of what’s happening within, allowing you to bond with your baby before they’re born.

If you do decide to embark on the pregnancy yoga journey, always ensure you choose an approved practitioner. In doing so, you can ensure you enjoy an experience that’s tailored to the needs of your pregnancy, while gaining experience from someone who can make the gestational journey easier.

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