Yoga for the Menopause

As I approach my 50 yrs, I am embarking on a new journey, I guess some will say I am ‘Perimenopausal’ which I probably have been for a few years without ever really realising it. In my mind you see, i am still in my 20’s. But this is the journey before i move fully into the word of being officially menopausal.

This phase I am in, means I still have periods, which are much heaver. I am not yet getting the flushes, but the mood swings are there, and times of great tiredness, and cravings.

I am reminded that this is a very ‘normal’ thing, and recently heard one of the top women in business talking about how she has a policy in her organisation about educating the men, and supporting the women who are on the same journey, and smiled to myself, as this all now applies to me.

How can I embrace this, well, I am going to announce it, like people do when they are pregnant, I don’t have children, so never had everyone cooing over me, I wonder if I will still get a similar response with my friends and family asking me if I have kitted out my wardrobe with outfits I can be warm and super cool in, within seconds, bought a good fan, have a menopause ‘shower’ for me, with wet wipes, patches, and chocolate, oh and a pillow to scream into..

I am going to do a yoga workshop on this, as my sister and other lovely friends and students are also looking red, flushed and confused, may join in too. Hope your journey is a smooth one… happy change..


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