How To Deal With Negative Emotion : Anger

As human we all have several emotions as integral attribute of our body And anger is one of the most unwanted but quiet an unmanageable emotion many of us try to have victory on. Once we feel the anger, we either suppress it or express it. However both the ways we do not help our well being.

If we try to suppress it ,at the surface level we assume there is no anger. However we don’t feel at ease and it keeps multiplying at subconscious level and affects the entire body and mind until we find the very next reason to express it. So escape is no solution to the problem.

And if we are in a position to express it ,we end up hurting someone or our own self many a times and then guilt takes the ownership of this emotion.

Well I have practiced and observed the great and effective method mentioned below and thought of sharing it with a good faith as it has been helping me a lot on personal level.

The enlightened people of each era have truly understood the secret of  the close connection of mind and matter. They found out that suppressing any emotions is not a solution and even giving free licence to express these negative emotions are harmful.

We can have victory on such unhealthy and unwanted emotions by just observing them.

Then the question comes how to observe such abstract emotions! Even if we try to observe the anger, we may end up observing the people, things or situations which have triggered the anger .

We all must have noticed that our respiratory rate increases whenever we feel such negative emotions like anger, fear, anxiety etc. Thus we can surely observe the change in our respiration/sensation of the body from the very moment the anger is triggered, In this way we are not suppressing or expressing our negative emotion nor we are running away from the same , on the contrarily we are confronting the anger and eliminating it completely from our mind and body.

So the very easy way to observe the negative emotion is through observing the breathing pattern. we can observe it until the breath becomes normal. It will not only help to eliminate the anger from the root but also will give mastery over our mind gradually.

I hope it help you all readers !

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